KermaTDI Tuning VW/Audi 2015 and 2016

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KermaTDI Tuning VW/Audi 2015 and 2016

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Tuning is now available for the 2015 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel engine Golf, Sportwagen, Jetta, Passat Beetle and Audi A3. We are offering the tuning with our Q Loader Pro Module (Q-Pro+) for the price of $649.

New! Stage 1 version is approx +50whp and + 100 lb-ft on the dyno (between 35-40% gain in both HP and torque!) 
The lower lines are stock, and the upper lines are the same car, same dyno, same day, with a stage 1 tune. The only change is the tune!

The Stage 1 tune is the ONLY change made to the car on this dyno. Everything else about the engine is completely stock, including the turbo, emissions equipment, and EVERYTHING. Only a tune is needed to achieve the results seen in the dyno chart. 

This is a 4th gear pull from 1200 rpm. 

Daily driveability is perfect, but there is seat-planting torque on demand. 


Great tuning is the foundation of our philosophy of seamless, cost effective upgrades.

KermaTDI takes a systems analysis approach to our tuning, rather than follow conventional wisdom or percentages, we look for possible gains in every aspect of the given hardware set and engineer your tune based on the respective capacities of each piece of hardware.
In return you get a custom file that is appropriate for your vehicles performance and reliability.

Key Features of this TUNE:

- Quicker Turbo Response (turbo lag is significantly reduced)

- Consistent power band (no jumps, spikes or reduced power on hard throttle)

- Power is very noticiable (feels like you have a new car)

- MPGs can increase up to 10% (tested on long distance driving)

- very easy to drive but the power is there if you need it

- EGT levels are consistent

- soot levels are clean

- regens exactly like stock

- passive regens perform correctly

- Tuning and support is all done in house

- We do not charge for an upgraded stage tune (upgrades are free as long as you get the parts from us)

- Dyno Proven (Stock Dyno Pull and Tuned Dyno for a correct reading of +WHP and +WTQ)

- all emission systems are kept intact. Exhaust flow is not an issue for perfromance (Europe has TDIs with 240hp and stock DPF for example) The removal and install is very expensive (typically +10hr bill time from a shop plus the parts), we suggest saving your money and spend it on something that helps your build i.e. suspension, brakes, upgraded turbo, etc. We also have replacement DPFs in stock if needed


The Q PRO for 2015/16 VW/AUDI 2.0 includes the module and tune for $649 and updates are free when they become available.

Also upgraded tuning is free once upgraded parts become available at KERMA and if your ecu is recalled to be flashed by the dealer kermatdi will upgrade the ECU back to tuned for free.

Please note: The QPRO only works on Windows operating systems. DOES not work with MAC operating system



2015  Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Sportwagen, Passat and Audi A3