KermaTDI Tuning VW MK4 04-06.5 "PD" models

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KermaTDI Tuning VW MK4 04-06.5 "PD" models

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This package covers all TDI between model years 2004-2006, with the BEW, BRM, or BHW engine. Also European EDC15 models



While our model for TDI performance includes mechanical components like the turbo, intake, exhaust, camshaft, cylinder head, and so forth, that's only part of the picture. At the end of the day, there's just no avoiding the influence of the ECU on every aspect of the engine. Even with the very best mechanical components, it's ultimately the ECU tuning that makes everything work together as a balanced, functional package.


Great tuning is the foundation of our philosophy of seamless, cost effective upgrades. This lets the customer build and upgrade with confidence... with our proven upgrade packages.

ECU tuning is an essential part of our balanced TDI concept... that goes great with our:


-precisely calibrated injectors featuring Bosio nozzles,

-upgraded Silent Design Clutches from Southbend,

-tested and proven Turbocharger upgrades

-Colt Billet Cams

-KermaFlow Stainless Exhaust Systems