KermaTDI Tuning VW Touareg V10 TDI

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KermaTDI Tuning VW Touareg V10 TDI

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Congratulations! You own a V10 Touareg.


It’s an extraordinary ride, even in factory trim.


This is a very rare, very special truck, which deserves only the very best of everything.


When KERMA reprograms your Touareg or Phaeton V10 diesel engine computers for more power and torque, this is exactly what you get – the very best possible engine recalibration, which is created to your specifications.


We have extensive experience with this EDC16 series of ECU’s, with unmatched technical knowledge of their inner workings. This gives us extraordinary capabilities that are without equal in the marketplace. We have nearly absolute control over the engine’s behavior, and we can meet almost any need or desire you may envision.Whether it's "more passing power" or complete standalone operation in a dune buggy or dragster, we've got you covered.


What sets us apart? This is not a simple “remap “, which is typical of most “tuning” products in the marketplace, but a carefully engineered recalibration of the engine controller. Our proprietary computer modeling tools, developed in-house, consider many parameters at once, instead of single “maps” in isolation. This allows a complete systems engineering approach, which more closely approximates the methods used by the factory, to achieve compatibility with a broad range of environmental operating conditions such as altitude and seasonal variations in temperature. The results are only limited by your imagination (and of course the laws of physics.)


V10 Touaregs are not common, which calls for an uncommon approach to power tuning. There are no “stages”, because every program is individually personalized by the kerma tuning department to best use your car's modifications and according to your desired driving characteristics. The performance gain possible with the V10 is normally limited by the transmission, because these cars are already torque monsters from the factory!

Downtime from removing and shipping your ECU is a thing of the past, thanks to our exclusive KERMAWARE Q-Pro technology. You will flash your car yourself in about 15 minutes. There is no specific technical knowledge required, other than ordinary PC operations such as saving a file attachment to e-mail. It’s very simple to use.


The Q-Pro lets you choose between up to 2 different tuned files, and your original file, all from the driver's seat. For example, you can change from tuned to original any time you want, for dealer visits and "valet" mode. While the Q-loader does facilitate in-car fine tuning, very seldom are “retunes” required, even for custom applications. Because of the extensive effort spent up front on calculations and modeling, the customer gets a very refined, finished product, so they can get straight to the business of enjoying their new power!